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We welcome you as a new patient and look forward to an enduring and mutually rewarding relationship. It is a privilege for us to be able to be of service to you and we in turn look forward to being able to share in the pleasure and joy you will experience through achieving your personal dental goals - having the kind of teeth you have always wanted!


As a new patient we need to get to know one another. To help us best serve you there are a couple of forms that need to be filled out. These forms can be downloaded from this site and then filled out in the comfort of your home. Bring these forms with you on your first scheduled appointment.


After reviewing these forms, we will begin with an examination that will take from between 45 minutes to an hour. Part of the examination will be done by one of our dental technicians. The more in-depth and detailed examination will be performed by Dr. Rodriguez personally. As she does the examination she will be able to share with you the things that she sees or observes using the intra-oral camera and a computer monitor that is placed above you where you can see it. If you have questions about what you see, please feel free to ask Dr. Rodriguez as she welcomes these questions and will be very happy to answer them for you.  She will be examining your teeth, gums, the roots of your teeth using digital x-rays and doing an examination of your jaw joint should this be indicated.  By the end of this examination both you and the dentist will be very familiar with the state of your teeth and oral health. Based on the outcome of this examination and your stated short-term and long-term goals the dentist will be able to propose a course of dental treatment that is totally customized to your needs.


At the end of this examination we hope you have learned enough about us to feel confident you will get the kind of care and service you demand for yourself and that you know you will feel relaxed and comfortable in our office and with our team.


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