Our Dental Technology

Every procedure room in our practice is equipped with a computer monitor so that you can learn along with us about your teeth and your smile. With our digital smile camera we are able to perform Smile Design which allows us to get a sneek-preview of what your teeth will look like  at the completion of  our cosmetic dental procedures.  With our intra-oral camera we will be able to get a close-up look of your teeth and your gums. Using our digital X-ray technology we are able to see inside your teeth and gums in a matter seconds. This technology also reduces your exposure to radiation by 90%.  When it comes to doing chair side teeth whitening we make use of Zoom  Technology. This is a procedure that in under 45 minutes can dramatically improve the whiteness of your teeth. We also employ Invisalign teeth straightening technology as an attractive and effective alternative to using conventional braces.

We are committed to providing you with up-to-date information and educational tools so that you are better able to participate in maintaining optimal oral health. No matter what your dental conditions are we will personalize your examination and help you to choose what the best treatment options are for you!  



The term intraoral means "inside the mouth".  An intra-oral camera is about the same size as a dental mirror. It is used to take pictures from inside your mouth and to project  a magnified image of them onto a computer screen located right in front your dental chair.  By using this we are helped with diagnosis as it allows us to see things that are not easily or readily visible by eye vision alone - things like cracks, tooth wear, minute cavities and inflammation.  Also, you can now see what the dentist is looking at and thus you will be able to better understand your own dental conditions as well as the course of treatment being recommended by your dentist. This is a case where a picture is worth a thousand words. 



Wouldn't you like to know how  your smile and teeth are going to look BEFORE the dentist started working on your teeth?  Using special Computer Imaging Technology this is now possible and available to you.

How does Smile Design Imaging Work?

First, we take some ordinary digital photographs. The dentist may take a picture of your  whole face, a close-up of your teeth, or both. Pictures might be taken from different angles, depending on the type of work to be done.  These photos are fed into the computer along with the cosmetic enhancements that the dentist is recommending. Teeth can be added, moved, whitened, lengthened and straightened with a matter of a few clicks of a mouse. Once fully satisfied with the results,  the dentist will share these pictures with you and get your feedback and make any changes as needed. Now you can see the results of a smile makeover even before you begin treatment. No longer do you have to be worried or nervous about "How am I going to look once it's all done!"  Instead, you now know, once the cosmetic dental treatment is underway,  what you can look forward to. 



Digital Radiography is similar in result to traditional  x-rays but with the major benefit of reducing your exposure to radiation by 90% as well as being faster and more comfortable for you.  The digital x-ray is produced by placing into your mouth  a sensor that looks like a piece of film with a wire attached to it. This sensor is positioned according to what has to be x-rayed.   The x-ray is taken and immediately a computer generated image appears on a screen right before your eyes. Because these images are digital they can be enlarged and enhanced. This provides the doctor with an even better and clearer picture with which to make a more accurate diagnosis.  This falls under the category of "know before you go". 



Zoom is a Chairside teeth whitening system which is a safe, effective and fast procedure that can make your teeth dramatically whiter in just under 45 minutes.  This system makes use of a special whitening gel and a specially designed whitening lamp. These two components working together penetrate the teeth breaking up stains and discoloration.


The procedure involves a preparatory  step where any soft tissue in and around the mouth (lips and gums) are covered with a special preparation so as to protect them from the gel and the light.  The gel is then applied and the light is focused on the teeth. During this time you can comfortably look at TV or listen to music.


Zoom Chairside whitening system is not for everyone. For example, tooth discoloration caused by taking the antibiotic tetracyline, does not respond well to  teeth whitening. For those patients, the  dentist  may recommend porcelain veneers, cosmetic bonding or other cosmetic dentistry. 



This is a technology that is very effective in straightening teeth.  As the name would indicate, the aligners used to straighten your teeth are nearly invisible.  Unlike conventional braces, people will not immediately notice that you are wearing aligners. No longer do you have to be even more concerned about smiling because of the braces you are wearing.


Invisalign works by creating a series of custom-made, removable, nearly invisible aligners. As your teeth move in the required way, you take the next aligner at the right moment to then continue the aligning process. This is repeated until your teeth are aligned and straight.  

A typical Invisalign treatment requires 20-30 aligners for both the upper and lower teeth. For most adults the treatment time is less than a year.


These aligners are very functional. They can be removed at meal-times and they are also very easy to clean. Basically, you can eat what you want when you want.


Aside from the cosmetic angle of having nice, straight teeth, there are also hygienic benefits to having straight and aligned teeth. Teeth are easier to brush and floss. Also the gums can "fit" more tightly around the teeth which then leads to better gum health.


Invisalign is not suitable for certain cases of misalignment or bite problems. In these cases the more traditional wire and bracket braces would have to be used.


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